February 24, 2018


Holy Eucharist

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December 24, Christmas Eve

5PM Christmas Pageant with Eucharist

8:30PM A concert of carols

9PM  Worship with Eucharist


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Transforming Questions

 the storyteller by mattiasa-d4rzz7i

Transforming Questions is an exciting adult formation course designed to help both new Christians and longtime churchgoers move into deeper life in Christ. Over the course of ten sessions, participants engage the basic questions of the Christian faith through a combination of teaching and conversation. Participants gather for a presentation about a central question of faith. In small groups, participants are invited into deeper reflection on and engagement with the topic through discussion questions. Participants will wrestle with some of the most basic questions of our faith: Who is Jesus? Does God answer prayer? Why do bad things happen?

This curriculum offers the opportunity to engage in faithful questioning with the companionship of the priest in the midst of community. Almost every single person in scripture who encounters God does so with a lot of questions. Abraham and Sara, Moses, David, Mary, the disciples, Paul all ask questions. And those questions are part of their faithful response to God. We, too, are called to question and be transformed as we wrestle more deeply with our faith.



6 Can we question our faith?

13 Who is Jesus?

20 Why did Jesus have to die?

27 What do we have to do?


4 How should I read the Bible?

11 Does God answer prayer?

19 Why do bad things happen?

25 Where do we go when we die?


8 Why do I need church?

15 Where do we go from here?