August 09, 2020



Holy Eucharist

Sunday  10am Worship with Fellowship to follow

We are back celebrating Eucharist in the Sanctuary!  Thank you all for your patience while we were doing mold remediation.



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Currently there are no office hours for St. Mark's on the Hill.  Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 410-486-3016 and leave a message that we will follow-up on.


Parish Hall Available for Rent


Our parish hall space, complete with dance space and stage for DJ, band or singers, has a capacity for 100 people with tables and chairs included.  It is an excellent value for family celebrations, wedding receptions, etc.  Located off of I-695, exit 20 Pikesville.  Call 410-486-3016 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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Frequently Asked Questions...



Can I receive communion?

In the Episcopal Church, all baptized persons are welcome to receive communion, the bread and the wine, regardless of what church baptized you or how old you are.  At St. Mark's, we welcome all to the altar who want to receive the body and blood of Christ.  We believe that if you are participating in communion, baptism will follow.  People usually receive the bread, or Body of Christ, by extending their hands, palms facing upwards, with one hand resting on the other.  People either drink the wine, the Blood of Christ, directly from the chalice or they dip their bread (intinct) into the chalice of wine.  If you are unable to ascend the stairs to the altar rail, let an usher know and communion will be brought to you in your pew.  If you wish to come to the altar and not receive communion, you may come forward to the rail and cross your arms over your chest, signaling to the clergy that you desire a blessing.  If you are interested in being baptized, keep reading!


How do I (or my child) get baptized?

Baptism is the doorway into the church.  When we pass through the waters of baptism, we cross a threshold and enter into the household of God.  You might be interested in baptism for yourself or the baptism of your child.  All baptisms happen on Sunday morning during worship with the full church present.  There are four regular dates for baptism in the Church Calendar, The Baptism of our Lord , Easter Sunday, Pentecost, and All Saints Day.  We also schedule baptisms on other dates as needed depending on your situation.  Adults seeking baptism and the families who desire to have their child baptized should contact the clergy in order to set up a time to visit and talk more about their faith and/or the ways they share that faith with their children.


Confirmation (and Reception):

Confirmation is an adult rite of discipleship where we have the opportunity to affirm what was said for us when we were baptized as a child. In our diocese, the norm is to confirm youth 15 years of age or older so that they may make a choice to continue in the Episcopal faith as young adults.  If you were confirmed in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Orthodox Church you would be received into the Episcopal Church.  Confirmation and Reception are rites offered by the Bishop, typically during the fifty days after Easter or during a bishop’s visitation.  Confirmation/Reception preparation happens through classes at St. Mark’s, typically offered during Lent.   



Marriage in the Episcopal Church is a covenant between two people, the faith community, and God.  No one lives out their marriage in isolation and so we encourage all engaged couples, to be married at the church that will be their faith home.  Your first step towards marriage at St. Mark’s is to attend worship on Sunday morning and meet the clergy of the church.  You will need some time to discover if St. Mark’s is the faith home for you.  All weddings occur on a Saturday during the year.  There are no weddings scheduled during the season of Lent (the seven weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday).  In preparation for marriage, you must meet with the priest for a series of at least four counseling sessions (five if this is a remarriage for either person).  This is an opportunity to discuss the expectations, joys, and challenges of your future together and to plan the worship service for the day you make your vows. 



Everyone who attends worship and participates in the life of the church is considered an “active communicant” of the church.    Membership is both a practical process to helps us keep better records, and an opportunity to celebrate your commitment to live out your faith at St. Mark’s.  People become members of St. Mark’s in 4 different ways: Baptism, Confirmation/Reception, Letter of Transfer, or Permission of the Rector.  All people baptized at St. Mark’s are automatically members of the church.  If you are coming from another faith tradition you may be confirmed or received into the Episcopal church and made a member of St. Mark’s.  If you are coming from another Episcopal Church, you will contact your previous church and request a letter of transfer to St. Mark’s.  When it is impossible to secure a letter of transfer or you do not desire to be confirmed/received, the rector has the authority to simply recognize your membership at St. Mark’s.  All members of the church are expected to regularly attend worship, participate in the life the church, and contribute to the ministry of the church (giving financially and/or your time and talent).   

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